Our Meals

  • Kraffen


    A delicious pastry similar to a doughnut a filling.

  • Kings Crown

    Kings Crown

    A delicious nest of pistachios.

  • Kings Crown

    Kings Crown

    A delicious nest of pistachios.

  • Baklava


    A delicious selection of Baklava

  • Ice Cream

    Ice Cream

    Chocolate coated vanilla ice-cream with mixed berries (GF)

  • Souffle


    Orange & hazal syrup with pistaccio ice-cream (GF)

  • Riz A Dajaj

    Riz A Dajaj

    Seasoned tenderloin chicken with soujuk & rice, roasted pine nuts, almonds & goat yogurt (GF)

  • Krhien


    Braised lamb shank in its own juice with potato puree & green beans (GF)

  • Kafta Mishwee

    Kafta Mishwee

    Mince lamb skewers with parsley, onion & spices, grilled with eggplant paste & fatoush salad (GF)

  • Dajaj Mishwee

    Dajaj Mishwee

    Marinated deboned 1/2 chicken served with potato puree & tabouli salad (GF)

  • Ghanim Mishwee

    Ghanim Mishwee

    Grilled marinated lamb fillets with cous cous, chick peas, spinach & pomegranate molasses.

  • Zein’s Burger

    Zein’s Burger

    Lamb burger, haloumi cheese, tomatoes, cos lettuce, roast potatoes, relish & tahini (GF on request)

  • Lahme Matboukha

    Lahme Matboukha

    Braised Lebanese styled meatballs with onion, tomatoes, capsicum, couscous & baby endive.

  • Shah Al Mihshi

    Shah Al Mihshi

    A selection of mince lamb, herbs and spices, round rice, flaked almond, pine nuts and pomegranate dressing.

  • Fattoush


    Watercress salad, radish, tomatoes, cucumber, capsicum, onion, pine nuts and crunchy bread (GF)

  • Lahme Mishwee (Grilled lamb loin)

    Lahme Mishwee (Grilled lamb loin)

    Marinated grilled lamb loin with a side of roast potatoes & hummus (GF)

  • Dajaj Maltoot (schnitzel)

    Dajaj Maltoot (schnitzel)

    Double crumbed chicken breast with grilled halloumi, tomatoes, sauteed beans & harissa paste.

  • Banquet


    A selection of Ma anek, kibbe, falafel, samboosik, malfouf mahshi, quinoa pattie, pumpkin kibbee and warak areesh

  • Tabouli (GF)

    Tabouli (GF)

    Salad of parsley, tomatoes, mint, spring onion, lemon, olive oil & a hummus dip.

  • Koussa Mahdhi (stuffed zucchin)

    Koussa Mahdhi (stuffed zucchin)

    White zucchini filled with rice, chickpeas, onion, tomatoes in a light tomato broth & goat yogart (GF)

  • Traditional Lebanese Salad

    Traditional Lebanese Salad

    Lettuce, tomato, cucumba, lemon juice, tahini and olive oil

  • Mezza


    Selection of Lebanese delicacies, optional veggie - meat (GF)

  • Araidis Mishwee (Prawns)

    Araidis Mishwee (Prawns)

    Grilled King Prawns served with lemon, garlic, olive oil & a side salad.

  • Ahtaboot (Calamari)

    Ahtaboot (Calamari)

    Zaa'tar marinated grilled calamari, baby endive salad & soya mayo (GF)

  • Samkeh Harra (barramundi)

    Samkeh Harra (barramundi)

    Grilled barramundi fillet, tahini, garlic, onion, coriander, parsley, almonds & pine nuts (GF)

  • Assorted Seafood Platter

    Assorted Seafood Platter

    Marinated prawns, scallops, fish fillets, calamari on a Lebanese style salad with garlic harrisa pasta & sweet mayo (GF)